Life UC Youth



The vision of the Life Unlimited Church Youth Ministry is a ministry that is culturally relevant, biblically based, and built on a foundation of the church family. The purpose of the youth group is to connect Christ and His Word, the Bible, to the real challenges, hurts, and experiences of youth. Life is difficult in a fallen sinful world and the youth of any generation need to have a daily relationship with Christ who is able to speak with them about the challenges of the day. Zack and Perrie teach the 10am small group with topics that dive deep into Biblical narrative. I am currently hosting a small group discussion time on Wednesday night that encourages the youth to talk about the intersection of school life and Christ. The youth will be instructed and challenged to read the Bible and to see the world through a lens of the Bible.

Society holds the expectation that we must have the absolute best for our children. And we all know that the absolute best is the Parent’s attention and involvement in daily life of teens. At LifeUC teachers are here to support and encourage the desires that you as parents already have for your children to know Christ in a personal way. If you want a family focused life where parents and youth are involved together in a church that serves the community, then LifeUC is the place to be.

In Christ,

Brent Haley


Life UC Youth Ministry is led by Brent & Keely Haley and Zack & Perrie Tatum 

Sundays @ 10:00am Middle & High School Youth
Wednesdays @ 6:30pm

Past topics and lessons are found here at Brent’s blog Human Effort